SUNY Training Ship Simulators


NavSim Services, Inc. has installed multiple training simulators on SUNY Maritime College’s newly commissioned Training Ship Empire State VII. The Empire State VII is the first of five National Security Multi-Mission Vessels (NSMVs) built in the US designated for American state maritime academies. The NSMV serves a dual purpose: supporting merchant marine education and assisting with humanitarian/disaster relief during times of national emergency.

NavSim Services have installed a twelve student-station Wartsila NTPRO based Electronic Navigation Lab (ENL) classroom. Each Student Station includes ECDIS, Radar, Conning, reduced ship controls and a single Visual Channel.


Also installed were a three station GMDSS Simulator and two separate Wartsila Techsim Engine Room Simulators. Each classroom includes nine student stations which can simulated the following engine room models:

  • 2xMAN Diesel L32-40 (ERS)
  • 2xMAN Diesel L32-40-Vis (ERS)
  • ANZAC 2 (ERS)
  • AZIPOD Diesel-Electric
  • Dual Fuel DE LNG (ERS)
  • MAN BW 50MC-C (ERS)
  • MAN BW 50MC-C-Vis (ERS)
  • MAN BW 6S60MC-C Tanker (ERS)
  • MAN BW 6S60MC-C-Vis (ERS)
  • Steam Turbine LNG (ERS)
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