Waterside Surveillance Systems

NavSim Services Inc. has been involved with radar technology and radar-based Waterside Surveillance Systems since our inception in 2001. Our engineers have over 30 years of radar knowledge and experience including the development of computer-based radar simulators while at Calspan Corporation in the 1980’s.

After the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, the engineers of NavSim were asked to develop a system that could detect and point a camera at an object in the water and track its movement. A specific requirement of the system was that it be composed of standard Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components. NavSim engineers developed a prototype system for Quanta Systems, Inc. under a US Navy NCIS contract using Furuno radars and Transas Marine VTMS software. The prototype was installed at the Washington Navy Yard as the first operational Shore-side protection system based on COTS products. Since that time, the Radar Surveillance System has gone through a number of technical and software improvements.

Since our initial system at the Washington Navy Yard, NavSim Services has been involved in the installation of several radar and video based Waterside Surveillance and Security Systems. These systems vary in configuration as each is based on specific customer requirements.

We design Waterside Surveillance systems utilizing FLIR, Moog, SONY and Hitachi cameras and sensors; Furuno marine radar equipment and both Transas Navi Harbour and Nobeltec TimeZero Software.

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