SUNY Survival Craft Simulator

SUNY Maritime College Full Mission Survival Craft Simulator

NavSim Services has recently installed an NTPRO 6 based Full Mission Survival Craft Simulator at SUNY Maritime College.

The simulator is used for training the following operations:

■ Lifeboat preparation before launching.

■ Launching the lifeboat.

■ Starting and operating the lifeboat engine.

■ Maneuvering the lifeboat.

■ Use of the lifeboat equipment: sprinkler system, canopy light, sea anchor and others.

■ Lifeboat recovery.

The simulator can also be used for training in search and rescue operations.

The Simulator consists of a fiberglass mockup with  360° visuals, a real Survitec Hook

Release mechanism, a functional Winch Brake mechanism and Helm Station with touch screen controls and real equipment wheel and throttle.


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