United States Coast Guard Academy Ship Control and Navigation Training System (SCANTS) Upgrade

NavSim Services’ Inc. has completed the upgrade to the US Coast Guard Academy’s Ship Control and Navigation Training System (SCANTS).

The SCANTS Upgrade consisted of two 240° Horizontal Field of View (HFOV) Full Mission Ship Bridge Simulators and three 175° HFOV Ship Bridge Simulators. In addition: five Instructor Control Stations, two Debriefing Stations and a Local Design and Model Development station were also installed.

Each bridge is comprised of consoles containing real and simulated ship controls, internal & external simulated communications, virtual alidades, virtual binoculars, stimulated GFE AN/SPS-50 & AN/SPS-78 radars and USCG VEGA ECDIS systems.

Bridge 1 visuals are provided by seven Digital Projection Laser projectors. Bridge 2 visuals are provide by thirteen 75” Professional Class Large Format Displays.

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